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सही सोच और व्यक्तित्व

सही सोच और व्यक्तित्व | Right Thinking And Personality

Right Thinking And Personality

The act of trampling the existence of people is called dictatorship. This cruelty is also known by many other names.......

BY JOHN STUART MIL, Freedom Fighter).

The most important asset of a speaker is his personality. Personality is the capital of speaker's success. Personality is what makes the speaker different from the common people. The role of a person is most important in reaching the pinnacle of success. Without individual life and style, advantages and disadvantages, sorrow and happiness, human life becomes animal. John Stuart Mill has said, 'No wise man wants to be called a fool, no educated person considers himself ignorant'. A person who understands feelings cannot be selfish, even if one tries to prove them foolish again and again. The cunning man is also satisfied with his own ability, better than the animal-like satisfaction that Socrates remains unsatisfied with. Because of understanding the problem and the problem from one point of view, the beliefs of the animal and the fool are the same. But knowledgeable and educated people consider all aspects of the question and problem, so their decision is more important''.

It would be accurate to say that people like Socrates make plans with the right thinking. The message of public welfare is hidden in the plans of such people. Every happiness, every sorrow, every achievement, every failure, attraction, weakness of a person-everything is the result of individual thinking. Right thinking arises from the fusion of thought and knowledge - "If a person is thinking from the heart, then of course he is thinking right". Right thinking arises from the fusion of thought and knowledge - "If a person is thinking from the heart, then of course he is thinking right". A person who does not think from the heart is not actually a human being.

Every person has the ability to enhance the invisible powers hidden in his personality. There is an old belief that success and failure are achieved by luck. But man has acquired knowledge of natural principles and powers. Based on these, future events can be estimated. Years in advance can be found out what will happen in the future. The date of solar eclipse can be decided on the basis of small details. We understand very well the cause and its effect in material life. We do not wish for a strawberry crop by planting a tomato plant. This is a universal principle. It is used by quality like mental strength, moral, personality. The simple rule is that "whatever a person speaks, so does he bite".

Being a strong speaker, being the master of powerful speech, having the ability to mesmerize the audience in an effective style, he has the potential to be more successful than the average person. Talking is the first principle of learning the art of language. In the initial phase, there is no need to pay attention to the arts like voice and style. Talking is the first principle of learning the art, that is, speak, take part in debates, assess your talent yourself. And try to learn from the audience's criticism. The question is how to understand one's own mistakes? For this some facts need to be understood – what are the special qualities in a great speaker. And how can those qualities be achieved ? What is such a deficiency in one's own personality, which can become a hindrance in the attainment of these qualities ?