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Friends, we all need such a small business idea that we can do at low cost, or can start sitting at home without investing anything, and have high potential. Meaning if you want to increase that business on the day of tomorrow, then you can do it on a big level also.

So today here we have brought you some such business ideas  which you can start  without  investing  anything  or  with very small capital.

Which are given below:-

1- Delivery.

2- Give The Movable Property on Rent

3- Voice Over

4- Gift Decoration Or Hampering

5- HR Recruitment



You must have seen many Zomato ones in your market, Swiggy ones are already in the market. But do you know that even today there are local shops, they face a lot of problem in delivering the product in his city. Many startups are coming in big cities for these things like they are fast, zomato, swiggy.  But even today these are not solved in small cities, then if you are setting up your own delivery company which will operate within the city itself, So that company can grow very fast. You can charge Rs 40 to 50 for each delivery. The best thing about this business is that there are many restaurants, they will also connect with you. Because whatever restaurants are in Zomato or Swiggy, they have to pay commission again and again to Zomato or Swiggy.

They will connect with you directly. Will take orders from our customers over phone calls and use your service to deliver the product. And what is the delivery charge, and the end customer will get it, then all the restaurants, small shops, all these will connect with you, And you can start this business with a car with absolutely basic investment. Once your idea becomes popular, you can keep many delivery boys with you. And you can launch your own website or mobile app, you can create your own small level startup.

2-Give The Movable Property On Rent


In our house, don't you look around, there are many things that you can give on rent. For example, for example of move posts, which are Activas, you can rent them, you can rent play station, many people even give things like laptops and computers on rent. Infact there are many people who also give cameras on rent.

And in this way you can also earn money from your movable assets. Many people may find this difficult, but if you have gone to Goa, you must have seen that you also give your personal things like Activa on rent and earn money from it. Infact there are very big startups that have built their own startup on the rental business, like FLYROBE from where you can take the dress on rent and return it after its function. Once this rental business goes well.

Then the biggest earning is when someone damages your product, most of the people are afraid that if someone has damaged our product, But whenever you give any of your products to anyone, you sign an agreement to use it, that if there is any riot in this product, then you will charge a nominal fee from them. So you generate very good revenue even from that fee.

3-Voice Over

Friends, there are many people in the world who want voice over, who want voice recording in good quality. And you can simply sit in your home, read the script and record it and send them an audio file, and simply you will get money for that audio, this whole profession is called audio voice over. Simply Boya's mic comes for 650-700 rupees on Amazon, you can buy that mic from your phone, you can record your voice and software comes with the name of audacity, only you can make your voice better. And you can improve your tone even more. And after that, you can make a good price for your voice over. Now let us also tell where to sell, there is a very good website, where people sell their services. So go here and register yourself as a vendor. And Fiverr will start coming in handy. If you complete any project, then you will start getting payment from that website at the international level. Any language whether it is English, Hindi or any regional language, you can voice over and generate income. And the script which is there, the client will be provoked and that script has to be spoken to it in its own good voice and has to be recorded and sent to that client. This is such a business idea that anyone who only knows how to speak can do it.

3-Gift Decoration Or Hampering

This service is literally very much on trend on Instagram. You must have seen many such pages on Instagram that decorate gifts, or make gift hampers, you can start this type of business yourself from home. The best part is that it has very good margins. What do you keep as much inside a gift hamper, keep chocolates, keep a photo frame, or keep some food and drink, keep a little decoration item, whatever things are, your 500 1000 rupees very easily will become, And you can also sell it for 1000, 2000, 3000, up to Rs. The simple process of this business is that you make some gift samples yourself, do good photography of it, make your own Instagram page and follow all the friends, family members you have. In a short time you will start getting orders in DMS.

5- HR Recruiter

A recruiter is someone who hires people for the company. There are very big companies, there are big startups which have to hire people come to the recruiter. As the company wants, they see the requirements of the company and self-match all the candidates, interview them and basically connect those candidates to the company. And if any candidate gets a job, then these HR recruiters have to be generated on two sides, the company gives one month's salary, while the prisoner who is engaged also pays them. Freelancing can also be done on BASIS. It is not necessary that you have to work in any company. You can also do the work of HR RECRUITER as a freelancer. You can connect with any number of big companies. And generate your income from both the parties in between. So friends, today we have told you 5 such business ideas that you can do sitting at home with low investment, and if your business goes well, then you make it a big level startup.