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इसरो ने फिर बजाया अंतरिक्ष में डंका इसरो ने फिर बजाया अंतरिक्ष में डंका I 36 OneWeb satellites successfully launched by ISRO/ NSIL from Sriharikota (INDIA).
Thursday, 03 Nov 2022 06:53 am
Knowledge Planet

Knowledge Planet

36 OneWeb satellites successfully launched by ISRO/ NSIL from Sriharikota (INDIA).

ISRO stung in space again instead!

ISRO stung in space again instead! Launched the first commercial launch of 36 broadband communication satellites in its heaviest rocket LVM3 M2.

ISRO has once again created its history in space. The mission of 2 ONE WEB INDIA 1 in India's heaviest rocket LVM 3 was successfully completed. ISRO has created history by launching 36 British satellites from this rocket. The mission was launched from Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sri Harikota, Andhra Pradesh on the intervening night of Saturday and Sunday. The space agency announced at 1 am that the LVM 3 M 2 ONE WEB India 1 mission has been successfully completed. The position of all 36 satellites has been established in the legends. ISRO said all 36 broadband communication satellites of the UK-based customer have been placed in the designated low orbits. This is the launch of a rocket about 43.5 meters tall.  It has been termed as one of the heaviest satellites with the capability to carry satellites up to 8000 km. Another set of 36 ONE WEB satellites will be launched by LVM 3 in the first 6 months of next year.


Now the question is why was the Bahubali rocket sent? It is a three stage rocket with two svelte motor stages and a liquid propellant kar stage and a karyugeretic stage in the middle. Due to this heavy form, it is also called Bahubali of ISRO. This launch is also significant for ISRO as the LVM 3 M 3 mission is the first dedicated commercial mission for Neurospace India Ltd. the commercial arm of ISRO. This mission is also important because it is the first commercial mission of LVM3. With this, India has just entered the launch vehicle segment. However, the mission was not about capturing part of India's commercial space sector. This was the first time the launch vehicle carried multiple satellites into space and launched them into low Earth orbit. This was also the first time that an Indian rocket has carried a payload of 6 tons in space. The weight of the 36 satellite payloads was 5.8 tonnes. Which is the heaviest payload so far for the space agency. The LVM 3 rocket has the capability to carry up to 8 tonnes to low Earth orbit. PSLV is a very light vehicle and can carry a payload of 1.4 to 1.75 tonnes. All the four missions of this mission have been successful. LVM 3 has also proved to be a reliable launch vehicle. LVM 3 is currently rated human.


Which will take our space trips to space under the Gaganyaan mission. ISRO Chairman Dr. S Somnath has said that Chandrayaan 3 mission will be launched in June next year. Chandrayaan 3 is almost ready, some tests are left for it. Two slots were available for the launch of Chandrayaan 3 mission, one in February and the other in June. We have chosen the June 2023 slot. Let us tell you that Chandrayaan 3 was earlier planned to be launched in the third quarter of 2022. Its work was affected by the lockdown imposed after the Corona epidemic. Due to this the mission was pushed forward to 2023. Chandrayaan 2 mission partially failed. The rover of Chandrayaan 2 tried to land on the moon but it failed. Chandrayaan 2 is still working and is orbiting around the Moon. Chandrayaan 3 is important for ISRO as it will showcase India's capabilities to make landings for further interplanetary missions.