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Know what are the benefits of free speech :- Elon Musk Know what is the secret of Elon Musk's free speech. @ Rs 661/-
Wednesday, 02 Nov 2022 12:24 pm
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Know what is the secret of Elon Musk's free speech. @ Rs 661/-



The new owner of Twitter, a supporter of free speech, announced on Tuesday night 02-11-2022 that users will have to pay eight dollars per month for blue tick accounts on the social media platform. According to Tuesday's rate, this amount in Indian currency is about Rs 661 per month. The actual fee could be less than this, as according to Musk, this fee will be determined in proportion to the purchasing capacity of citizens in different countries. He said that the current blue tick system of Twitter creates a feudal-farmer-like system. Who has blue tick and who doesn't, it is very useless system. Tesla owner Musk describes himself as a supporter of freedom of expression.

Mention the advantages of fees.

Blue tick account will get priority in reply, mention and Twitter search. Such users will be able to post long videos and audios on Twitter. Ads in their content will also be half as much as the rest.

Start Criticizing

A large number of users started criticizing the plan only on Musk's tweet announcing this. Trinamool Congress MP from West Bengal Derek O'Brien said that it is better to take 8 dollars a month from us than give us 4 dollars a month and take back our blue tick.

Discount to Publishers:-

Musk said the Twitter platform's payment system would bypass publishers who want to work with Twitter.

Chance to Earn Money:-

Told, the revenue generated by Twitter will help in rewarding the creators who post content here.