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भारतीय मूल के ऋषि सुनक होंगे ब्रेटेन के नए प्रधान मंत्री।

भारतीय मूल के ऋषि सुनक होंगे ब्रेटेन के नए प्रधान मंत्री। Rishi Sunak is the new Prime Minister of Britain

Rishi Sunak is the new Prime Minister of Britain!

Churchill said that the Indian people do not have the ability to lead. Even if you give the country a free hand, then they will not be able to run the country. They come from that Britain which ruled India for almost 200 years. And the post in which he made this statement, today there is a person of Indian origin in the same post. These in themselves are answers to all those people who were asking these questions that what are you going to get, why are you feeling so anti-national, what should you do? See, everything is not about asking for food, no one is saying that they should do good to India. Work where they are. We are happy that that person realizes this and is saying that Indian culture is my heritage. And we also understand that your problem is that why is he saying that I am a Hindu and being a Hindu is my identity. You have a problem with how there is an idol of Ganesh Ji on his table. How he talks about cow service in the Prime Minister's election campaign, how he takes oath on Gita while handling the finance ministry.

How, wearing a gamcha on Ramnavami, he goes to the saints, talks about the Sanatan tradition and in his own way the country is increasing the value in the world. That's why I appeal to all those so called intellectuals and leaders that you are not feeling proud because they are Indians, so please be calm, sometimes good is good. And anyway, why oppose India in anti-Hindu? You are also Indian. It should be a matter of great pride for India and they have got this position, not because of being a Hindu, they have the ability. He had shown something that became his identity during the Corona period. The family from which they come and the kind of struggles they have raised themselves through, they are sitting on the strength of their abilities today. They give this message that if you are capable, then you can reach the highest positions even in all adversity. And he has said this many times in Britain too, if you can't take inspiration from him, then at least don't oppose him. Still if you want to do it then who is stopping you. It is your right to do so, but we will tell you that don't be anti-national against God in opposition to the name of Ram. The rest who belong to Ram are enjoying it. Seeing Rishi Sunak, he is feeling proud and Danka is playing Babu.   Proud to be An INDIAN…JAY HIND.